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Five stars

How To Be A Five-Star Uber Driver

All Uber drivers and most Uber users know that star ratings can have a big impact on drivers and riders alike. For rideshare drivers, anything below a 4.6 average is a worrying sign.

Seven Super Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Let’s be honest, you drive Uber to make money. That’s the bottom line. The cash is what it’s all about. This means you want to maximise every ride by getting an all-important tip.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Best Cars For Uber Drivers In The UK

In Great Britain, Uber offers five classes of service to its customers. These range from its most popular flagship UberX, all the way up to Uber Lux and Uber XL.

What is NR3?

What is the NR3 National Taxi Driver Register?  Local Governments launch new Register NR3.  NR3 tracks all professional