Big Sports Bring in Fans and NYC Fares

Big Sports Bring in Fans and NYC Fares

Get in the game with big NYC Fares!

New York sports events are magnets for FHV riders. Here are some tips to help you more easily take them out to the ballgame – and bring them home again.

Citi Field: Fans head this way for baseball games, concerts and more. Uber has teamed with the Mets to become the first choice for riders. Traffic on game days can be difficult, so Uber now has a designated zone –if you’re picking up, wait for requests near 126th Street and once you accept a fare, meet your rider in this special area. When dropping off, it’s best to let riders out along 126th Street, although be sure to ask which stadium entrance they’ll be using.

Yankee Stadium: Just like Citi Field, pedestrian and vehicle traffic on game days will be dense. Therefore, if you’re picking up, it’s best to text or call your rider to ensure you find each other. If you’re dropping off, just try to get as close to the rider’s preferred entrance as you can.

Barclays Center: Riders using Uber are instructed to set their pickup location along Flatbush Avenue northbound between 5th Ave and Atlantic Avenue, so you can expect pickups there after games, concerts, and events.  Note that the surrounding area will be crowded, so be sure to call or text your rider if you can’t find them at the pick-up location.

Madison Square Garden: Located close to Penn Station, this is always a busy area for rider activity. Traffic on game days or fight nights may be tricky, so like Yankee Stadium, it’s best to text or call your rider to arrange the pick-up point. When dropping off, always ask your rider for their preferred entrance. Save time by locating those at West 34th St between 7th and 8th Ave, 7th Avenue at 34th, 33rd, or 31st streets and 8th Avenue at 34th, 33rd, or 31st streets.