What Car Is Best For Uber UK?

What Car Is Best For Uber UK?


Driving for Uber UK, what car is best for you?

So, you want to drive for Uber? Fine. It can give you independence and a good living. However, first, you need something to drive. What vehicle works best for you?

Standard or Premium?

Uber UK offers six classes of vehicle to riders. They range from basic Uber X, up to Uber Exec and Uber Lux, which are premium. Decide which type of work you want, as there are rigid lines between the classes – you can’t use a base hatchback and hope for Uber Lux fares. Most rides on the Uber platform are sold as Uber X – their everyman class. If this is where you aim to be, then you’re going to need something like a Skoda Octavia. If you want premium fares, you’ll need a BMW 7 series or Mercedes S class to compete.


Fuel is a major cost. If you’re going to drive mostly motorways, you’ll want a diesel-powered car. If you’re mainly in the city, then consider a hybrid like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. Both give great mpg and incur zero vehicle taxes due to their low emissions.

Stick it?

Manual or auto gearbox? Manuals are generally cheaper to buy and give better mpg but consider where you’ll be driving. Changing gears all day in central London can be a real issue, whereas in an auto you simply point the car and squirt the gas. Automatics are often smoother for passengers too.

The extras.

Even basic cars come with many standard goodies. Sat nav may be one of them. If it isn’t, it can be a pricey extra and you may do just as well using Google Maps on your mobile. As for things like air conditioning – yes, you want it. Same goes for cupholders. You’ll be in the car all day.


All new cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty. They keep the car in tip-top shape. They can range from two years up to seven years with a Kia. Consider an extension pack if your choice of vehicle has a short fixed-warranty period.

Above all.

No matter where or what class you drive, you want a car that’s reliable, efficient, comfortable and something you can live with every day.